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Interacting with customers requires a special combination of warm, fuzzy, and smart.

More than a service partner, Nemesis Corporation’s Customer Care service utilizes industry-leading technology across six customer care centers to deliver a seamless interaction with every single customer. The world’s favorite brands trust us and our dedicated brand experts to act on their behalf.

We understand customer care involves more than simply handling customer interactions. Our highly trained representatives don’t just answer questions, they make recommendations, provide tech support, drive sales, and listen with the care and attentiveness your customers deserve. But we don’t stop there. Every day we look for ways to improve with innovative solutions and services that give you and your customers more options to access information and quickly get to the heart of the matter on your terms.


Unlimited free massages, call centers with ocean views, and heavy doses of high fives are just a few things that make our culture uniquely different.


We partner with over 100 of the most high-profile and disruptive startups in the world.

Customized Teams

Not only do we build customized teams based on your business needs and culture, we can replicate your office down to the exact wood color.

Why choose us?

You've found Nemesis Corporation Inc., a new-school way to outsource customer service and content moderation! Over 12 years, we’ve worked with awesome team members, partnered with high-growth startups and even built call centers with ocean views!

It's difficult to convey how Nemesis Corporation Inc. is different from the traditional outsourcing model so when you have 5 minutes (we really do mean 5 minutes) we’re happy to chat to share why many E-commerce companies have partnered with us!


Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world's most formidable companies, ranging from fortune 500 companies right through to newly formed startups.

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